Festival Prototyp | 16-18/11/2018 | Brno

Prototyp festival aims to combine science and technology with art to create entertainment for the general public, to revive the Brno culture and introduce quality creation enthusiasts and experienced artists. We want to inspire young people to creative thinking and the creation of unusual projects.

Would you help us? Are you creating something what can be called art? Are you interestet in DIY and you want to show off? Something called interactive exhibition is not strange for you? Practicing videomapping, new media art, FabLab or you were on last year and you have an another great idea?

Although it sounds like a cliche from a recruitment flyer – WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

Still, you can try to contact the

How festival actually look like?

An interactive exhibition linking art, science and technology represent a high-quality creation of young people and experienced artists. The exhibition is intended for the general public from pre-school to adults. The exhibition includes lighting installations, interactive works, videoart, videomapping, light design, ... and more. Prototype Art continues its focus on a series of lectures and workshops in the field of art, lighting design, video-recording, audio-visual installations and fashion.

Prototype Makers is a celebration of the so-called Makers (Creators and DIY) movement. This is part of a festival that brings together enthusiasts, craftsmen, educators, students, science clubs, workshops, artists and commercial exhibitors. Non-commercial exhibitors have free space to showcase their creations and share the enthusiasm of their production. Visitors go to the Exposition Makers to get inspiration, or buy some of the home production products. Prototype Makers includes a series of lectures, 3D print workshops, drones, the Internet of Things, Opensource, Virtual Reality, and much more.

Traditional part of the festival is evening live musical performances and performances. An indispensable part of the opening night of the Prototype is a fashion show reflecting our vision of the future. It shows unconventional and modern technologies, materials and techniques.

...and last four years in pictures.

Contacts us in case you want to ask anything

Neli Hejkalová
Preparing interactive exhibition seeks new talent but now mainly waits to send an application form to you to kontakovat ...

Thomas Mejzlík
He is in charge Makers section, works in Brno FabLabu so that you know about what it is to turn ...