Festival of art
science and technology

Market Brno and Old Town Hall

10–12 / 11 / 2017

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Festival program

Prototyp is a festival of arts, science and technology in Brno. For the forth time, you'll be inspired by festivals program full of interactive installations, workshops, lectures and live performances. What's new this year?The evening live music and performances will be on Friday 10th of November and on Saturday 11th of November..

Prototyp will take you to the new location, which this year Market Brno and Old Town Hall.

Friday 10. 11. 2017


On Friday, the festival starts at 19 PM. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition of interactive installations and live music performances, which will last until midnight.

Free admission for children under the age of 15!

EXHIBITION interactive installation is on display throughout the festival



Himalayan Dalai Lama

Fashion performance
Next Fashion performance / ネ ク ス ト reflects our vision of the future and is inspired by 3D printing, robotics and AI. The show demonstrates a modern and sustainable technologies and materials. Now sustainability and upcycling clothing, the author shows forming under the brand danielasindelkova intensively.


Saturday 11. 11. 2017

Free admission for children under the age of 15!

EXHIBITION interactive installation is on display throughout the festival



To catch a bear robot? Seeing with your own eyes to see the stunning cyber battle between robots from Lego Mindestorms? Come and try the discipline of Robotiády-largest robot competition for children in the Czech Republic under the auspices JCMM.

Round the world
VIDA! science centrum vám na svém stánku představí několik drobných, ale efektních pokusů. Budete si moci vytvořit blesky a poznat vlastnosti létajícího supravodiče. Zjistíte také, jak funguje Pythagorův pohár "pro chamtivé" a spoustu dalšího!

In the corner of Bob Tvořeníčko elf kids can make simple paper toys and simultaneously view Bob's fabulous art boxes.

Children's corner
... or everything your child needs. Carpet, desks, crayons, coloring books, balloons ...

FabLab / Na3Deci
3D printers, 3D scanner, making T-shirts (iron-on transfers), 3D pen presentation of this technology and the institution itself, in this case, FabLab a Na3Deci.

Did you know that 50,000 children want to read and know how to do it? Some children are deaf, dyslexic, have a different native language than Czech, or simply afraid to read. tablet dělá z tohoto strachu radost a přináší pohádkový příběh o putování tří zvířátek kolem světa v tištěné knize i jako interaktivní hru na tabletu."




Bastl Instruments

Sunday 12. 11. 2017


Lectures and workshops that inspire and educate, they are ready for a whole Sunday. The icing on the cake of the festival will be a series of guided tours with the creators of interactive installations - ie if you are wondering how to install arose, how they work and want to talk with the actual authors of the works, you do not miss a Sunday!

Free admission for children under the age of 15!

EXHIBITION interactive installation is on display throughout the festival


Guided tour
Tour of the exhibited works with commentary by the authors. Meeting at the Courtyard by pallet house. Only Czech interpretation.

Generative design FI MU
Lecture MgA. Heleny Lukášové, ARTD.On the subject of generative design with practical (Live) Samples making generative graphics Bc. Christine Zákopčanové.

FabLab - 3D printer in action
In this workshop you will learn about how it works 3d PrinterHow to control it, so you print what you need, what materials can be printed, but also its limits. All we then try to practice on Prusa i3 MK2.

Guided tour
Tour of the exhibited works with commentary by the authors. Meeting at the Courtyard by pallet house. Only Czech interpretation.

Alternative and sustainable architecture
Vladimír Schmidt architectural studies Ideass ideas for alternative housing, sustainable architecture, natural and recyclable materials and modular architecture.

Virtual art and technology of the future
How do I change bitcoin art? Artist replaces artificial intelligence? We will travel through the virtual reality of the comforts of home? Technology allows us to create new meanings? A look inside the latest technologies and how they affect the world around us with Boris Bošiakem.

Interactive exhibition 10.- 12. 11. 2017

EXHIBITION interactive installation

Faculty of Science, Masaryk University
I Informatics has much in common with the art - some of their possible contact points can explore the room FI MU. Or you need to dive into virtual reality. Did you notice the graphic theme of this year's festival? It is created using generative computer graphics.

Brno Observatory and Planetarium - Spherical Projection
Spherical projection will show us, for example, air travel on planet Earth in 24 hours and more interesting videos. Thanks to the Observatory and Planetarium Brno will find yourself in the universe is spherical projection that transforms ordinary body shape of a sphere with a diameter of 1.5 meters in a bright planet.

KinocirKus - Videomapping
KinocirKus is an independent group of artists and VJs playing with image and sound. Experimenting with video mapping, which this year were played at the old town hall frescoes as a link between past and present.

BUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Who with whom
Everything created human hand, nature can take one back. University of Technology beautify the courtyard of the Old Town Hall green living sculpture.

Ideass – Enviromodul01
Studio Ideass for visitors to build temporary architecture in the form of a pallet house in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. The environmental experiment temporary architecture is based on a system using pallets that can be reused on other building or put back into circulation, to serve its original purpose.

Jiří Suchánek - PULS 33
Thirty-three light objects are densely distributed in space is synchronized with real-time generated digital music. Each object has a fixed light-assigned color, sound and rhythm-pulse (different speeds and lengths). They overlap in polyrhythmic and polymetrické structure. Jiří Suchánek is a Czech leader in audiovisual production. On his encounter installation in the chillout zone Brno Municipal Market.

Hearts of Creation – Live videomapping
The club creative artists, who meet in the evenings, paint and inspire each other. Its creation is trying to highlight contemporary painting and illustration. Unique live screenings at the Old Town Hall building, which will become a large screen.

FabLab a Na3Deci
Workshop with cutting plotters, 3D printers and 3D spirals ensure Fablab festival in which all these technologies can go to try and use it in their own work. Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi minicomputers.

INITI Playgrounds
Playgrounds init group works with video mapping, when using the projector in any area creates augmented reality to which, however, can involve throwing and shooting down balloons projected real objects.

Zuzana Bartošová - circulation
Světelný objekt Cirkulace se snaží poukazovat na problematiku všudypřítomných a stále se opakujících cyklů. Linii procházející prostorem je možné vnímat jako vytyčenou trasu nebo cestu, může ale také připomenout pohyb bez jasného cíle, „motání se“ v kruhu. Cyklus, který je všudypřítomný, je pak individuálním příspěvkem k celku a může být prezentován jako průběh nepravidelné křivky plné dramatických zvratů, vzepětí a pádů. Objekt především reaguje na dnešní zrychlený svět a naše neustále se opakující životní cirkulace, problém neřeší, je spíše konstatováním.

Stefano Murgia - Aluminium
Dutch artist Stefano Murgia, came to Brno rozezvučit vibrations of your installation metal bodies. Three geometric objects of copper: sphere, cube and tetrahedron, all of the same volume. Using electronics may be used as such shapes or acoustic tool (echo) of the chamber.

Michal Mitro - BIOS
Plant World is a primitive system of inputs and outputs, where the input is typically a light and water output is physical growth. The world of computers is Metasystem inputs and outputs where inputs are ones and zeros and outputs are also jedičky a scratch, but usually sorted in a little more sophisticated. BIOS is the basic system of inputs and outputs. Even plants can be described as BIOS. BIOS is the software that runs the computer. Plants launches computer? Poor propositional logic leads to either a mistake, or the arts.

Kateřina Dusová a team - Les room
The forest is a complex ecosystem. Man disrupts the ecosystem simple things and waste. Room space is bounded by walls, floor and ceiling. Another meaning is also peace.

Adam Hejduk - Vibration
Installation creates Lissajuovy curves, using an electromagnetic coil which is supplied audio signal. The signal comes from a microphone that picks up this room and that happens in it. The electromagnetic field vibrates with the wire upon which is disposed a mirror reflecting the laser beam, the two strings and generate an axis X, Y.

VISUALOVE - projection and lighting of the City Hall and Market
Visualove conjures using projections from the Town Hall and City Market Building Brno yet unprecedented spectacle in the heart of Brno.

interactive exhibit live music program party fashion performance chillout zone workshops 3D printing inspirational lectures program for families with children

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Místo konání

Prototype will take you to a new location in the city center. Recently opened City Marketplace Brno with the Old Town Hall created an interesting space where history meets the modern age. Atmosphere of the place is essential for the festival and we believe that this year we will show you a bit of Brno like you've never seen it before!

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